Kaleidoscope in the skies

My interest in the spectacles of the setting and the rising sun was triggered by an incident in Cohin that I would like to begin the post with. I had asked my wife to join me in one of the office events organized at a beach resort off Cochin. She joined me on the last day and we stayed on for a couple of days to enjoy the place. On the last day of the event, a few of my colleagues, my wife and I were out on a stroll on the Cherai beach with the hope of enjoying the view of the sun setting on the Arabian Sea. Disappointment hit us right away with a gathering of clouds on the western sky close to the horizon and we had no sight of the sun. My colleagues and I thought of making up for the disappointment by getting back to the resort across the road and settle down with a few pints of beer. My wife, always seeking beauty in whatever is around her, decided to stay on at the beach.

What we missed on that day changed the way I would ever look at the skies at sunset or sunrise. While my colleagues and I chatted in the resort over beer, my wife Bandana, was treated to some astounding riot of colors after the sun had dropped down over the horizon. Clearly, the cloud cover had not extended much beyond and hence provided a great canvas of crystals for the rays of the sun to bounce off well after it had gone over the horizon. The sea played its part by reflecting the colors from the sky with the froth of the waves weaving patters as they struck the beach.

Ever since, I have always been on the look out for such spectacles that the sun provides in tandem with other elements of nature, during the trips that I make to different places in the south, be it the plains of the deccan plateau or the western ghats. And I have rarely been disappointed. From the red ball of fire quietly dropping itself into the dusk over palm trees and coconut groves on a clear day to a dispersed spectrum painting the sky in all hues, a visual extravaganza is on offer through the year.

Few among those living in the urban clutter of large cities are lucky to have a clear view of the sky. All it takes is a short drive out of the city limits to be able to witness this spectacular play of lights on the sky and the land. When you are travelling for leisure to the hills, the beaches or the forests, stay alert as the sun goes down and at daybreak – some of the most stunning colors show up when you least expect them.

One of our favourite jaunts is a trip to the Nilgiris and a stay in Parry Agro’s Sinnadorai bungalow in Pandhalur. Walks and drives around the place can potentially spring a surprise on you, and we had our share of many visual treats.

As the sun wanes and fades from sight , a hint of melancholy sets in with human activities in the the hills and the forests drawing to a close. The darkness of the land wakes up to the nightlife of the wild. Not to be outdone by the sparkles of the sunset, the dawn arrives with its own allurements.

Nature gives without your asking. This post is another attempt of mine to emphasize that the joys of nature can be had every time we care to look around us. Whether you are holidaying in an exquisite locale or driving by the farm lands just outside your city, nature offers you a generous dose of excitement at every corner.

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